Triptyme Made Our Wedding Anniversary SpecialReview

I zeroed on to Phuket on map, and showed it to my partner saying: “This is where we are going for our Wedding Anniversary

There were plenty of travel agencies to choose from. I contacted Triptyme Travels on a friend’s advice.

A courteous Travel Agent from Triptyme helped us choosing the best option as per the occasion and our requirements. Without any hassle, our tickets were booked from Bangalore (Bengaluru), India to Phuket, Thailand. We packed our luggage to an exciting journey. Our Travel agent remained in touch with us during the tour. We loved it.

As expected, Phuket amazed us with its myriad hues and shades. We felt like we were experiencing a slice of heaven. A surprise cake from Triptyme on our wedding anniversary made our day special.

Itinerary was superb and well-organized. From accommodation to hospitality, things were convenient and pleasing. We thoroughly enjoyed our trip. It was no less than an odyssey that gave us fond memories.

Thanks Triptyme for making our Anniversary more special.

Balaji & Sai Sudha

Bangalore, India

I contacted Triptyme for my ticket bookings. Initially, I was hesitant to book tickets from travel agency. But travel agency especially like Triptyme is a good option for students like me who are travelling to USA. Apart from discount tickets, I was provided with better offers for my extra baggage along with Travel Insurance service. I referred many of my friends and they too had the same experience. I will continue to utilize Triptyme in future too. Thank you!s

Abhinav Garg



Traveling to USA for higher studies is no longer problematic for me financially. I approached Triptyme for my ticket bookings and I got the best deals within my budget. I will never prefer any other travel firm from now on as I am completely satisfied with their services.

Sravya K



I just wanted to share my beautiful experience with Triptyme. With wonderful service and absolute professionalism, they just rock! In fact, our holiday trip went on very smoothly. The entire travel planning schedule was made very flexible and accustomed to our necessities. We always felt special throughout the tour as we had someone who could resolve all our issues back in the US. This was the best vacation both of us have had so far and look forward to your services again soon.

Thank you,

John Crompton

Claremont, NH


I was on American holiday trip with my family. Though I was little worried about booking tickets online, Triptyme helped me with the best deals possible. Our extra luggage too was allowed for special discounts. I will prefer their services for all my future travel needs.

Ruchi Malhotra



My recent business trip to China has helped me to get more savings. Cheap flight booking services from Triptyme is a great option for business travelers like me. I recommend their services to other travelers too.

Harish Salve



Everything went on perfectly during our trip to Bangkok. All the services we obtained from your dedicated staff such as top flight bookings and the affordable hotel accommodations cannot possibly be any effective for the price we paid. We are absolutely delighted at the amazing price you were able to provide for us for the flight tickets along with your quick & easy handling of all of our travel needs. We recommend your services to others as well in the future for their exclusive vacation packages. Thanks again for the valuable service!

Stephanie Adlington

Lansing, MI