Best places to visit in Financial Capital of Andhra Pradesh

Best places

Vishakhapatnam is a well-known place for the travelers around the world and it’s a must visit the place on the list to go for most of them. Tourist friendly climate and the geographical area made it as one of the best few tourist places in India.

Whether it’s a bone chilling monsoon day or a hot summer day, one can surely enjoy the eye-feasting visuals of Vishakhapatnam (Vizag).

If you just want to enjoy the scenic beauty, the following are the tourist places around the Vizag to visit:

Ramakrishna mission beach: There is no one, who doesn’t enjoy a pleasant walk on the seashore. One of the interesting things about RK beach is, in the early mornings no traffic is allowed on the beach road. So if you are an early morning bird then go for a walk as it’s healthy and eye-catchy. Moreover, road side vendors on carts sell healthy local foods like Ragi java, Fruit salad, Vegetable salad, Moong sprouts etc.

If you miss the morning view, you can catch up beautiful sunset in the evening and offer tasty snacks like Pani puri, Mirchi bhaji and more to your taste buds.

Bheemuni Patnam (Bheemlee): Bheemuni Patnam often called as Bheemlee by the native people. It hardly takes 2–3 hours to go to Bheemuni Patnam beach from the city. The Bheemlee beach is calm and quiet compared to the other beaches in Vizag. Bheemunipatnam was one among the major Dutch settlements of the Dutch Coromandel coast in the 17th century. There are remnants of the Dutch East India Company trading post when the town was a port. The town contains one of the oldest Christian cemeteries on the coast. The second oldest municipality in India, Bheemunipatnam was formed on February 8, 1861.

Tatipudi Reservoir: This reservoir is one of the major sources of drinking water for the residents of Vishakhapatnam. It is also well known as a major tourist attraction for boating and forest cottages.

Tenneti Park: It is advisable to go there on full moon night. The sight of the ocean, from the park, is beautiful in the moon light.

Dolphin’s Nose: Dolphin’s nose resembles the nose of a dolphin and one of the natural wonders of the Vishakhapatnam. There is a light house on the summit of the hill that is built in the mid-1960s and equipped with modern technology for cyclone tracking.

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