Eight must visit Sights in Portugal

Portuguese is a language spoken in Portugal, which is one of the best European countries for its appealing climate. Traveling to Portugal with TripTyme will give you blended experiences at affordable costs. The country is the central region to most glamorous Algarve beaches. Portugal is embellished with golden sands and unlimited dunes.

  1. Lisbon- Heart of Portugal

Lisbon is famous for its museums. The maritime museum attracts visitors with its stone architecture. In Lisbon, Oceanarium and National Tile Museum are the fascinating places to visit.

  1. Funchal

Funchal is famous for its tradition and historical values. It is one of the recommended places for tourists to visit at the time of New Year. Funchal is famous for its attractive temperatures, wine, and crafts.

Funchal name was given by first settlers because it was founded in a beautiful forested valley with full of feathery leaves.  It has become a 6th largest city in Portugal.

  1. Albufeira

There are plenty of beaches in Portugal. But, Albufeira stands out among 20 different beaches. Albufeira dominates them all with its historical flair appearance.

The sparkling white colored houses of the city along with old fortress remnants that include modern amenities attract the visitors all the time.

  1. Porto – Second Largest city after Lisbon

Porto is often called as Oporto. The old town, centered at Ribeira was built on the hills facing Douro River which is now become a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The main attraction of Porto is Sao Francisco Church located across the river at Vila Nova de Gaia.

  1. Portimao – Best Sailor’s Spot

Portimao is a sailor’s favorite place. Plenty of best international competitions happen here, and interestingly there is no hard rule for you to sail.

Portimao attracts visitors with Alvor boardwalk on dry land and also with its seafood meal.

  1. Cascais -Fishing village of Portugal

Cascais is a small village for fishing but it attracts artists, writers, and nobility with its beautiful scenery. Apart from this, the place also attracts public with its collection of arts and artifacts. Most of the people visit this place for sailing and surfing.

  1. Lagos

Lagos has a great history, and worth seeing fortress and delightful churches with 14th-century walls. It is well known for attractive beaches with quiet sandy coves. Tourists visit this place mainly for the coastal buffet.

  1. Sintra – Impressive town of Portugal monarchs

Sintra is a resort town in lush hills of Portugal. The hilltop national Palace of Sintra is differentiated by twin chimneys and tile work.  The 19th century national Palace of Sintra in Pena is famous for its whimsical design and sweeping views.

Portugal is full of inspiring and attractive destinations. So plan a holiday trip to Portugal with Centra Travels to visit these awesome places.

If you’re motivated to visit Portugal, then get best deals on hotels and cheaper airfares on flights with TripTyme along with a customized tour package as per requirements. We offer you a safe and hassle-free service; following are some of the tips and hacks to have the happiest journey of your travel.

Don’t Pack Heavy Luggage:

There’s nothing worse than dragging around a suitcase in your entire journey that weighs a ton! Remember not everything stuff is as important as it seems, pack your luggage wisely. If it is possible, try to travel with one luggage bag. Less baggage helps you to save a lot of time and makes it easier to move around!

Forget not to pack only what’s essential and what you will surely need during your trip!

Stay Healthy:

A healthy mind is a sound mind and the source of happiness in our travel. So staying healthy is first and foremost care one should take care of. Take liquids over solids as the new food may not be your belly-friendly. Say a big NO to alcohol, any kind of drinks from strangers and late night walks.

Learn the Local Language:

Learning (even a little bit), the local language has many benefits to the travelers. Here is a short funny story, which elevates the importance of the knowing another language.

A skinny cat stood for hours waiting for the mouse to walk out from behind the hole, so he could nab him. After some time the skinny cat barked, “Woof, woof.” The little mouse ventured out by thinking that a dog had scared the cat away, and it was safe to go out, but unfortunately, the skinny cat nabbed and devoured by the fat cat.

In a nutshell, it pays to be bilingual. At least know how to say “hello”, “thank you” and “please” in the local language. It will help you get past in 90% of the situations. Wait not to book your package to Portugal as Time, tide and our Travel Package wait for none. Book your package NOW!

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