Panama Canal – An Engineering Grand Master-Piece!

Panama Canal

Panama Canal is a ship canal in Panama that connects Atlantic Ocean to Pacific Ocean via Caribbean Sea. It is a 48-mile (77kilometer) canal that runs from north to south linking the oceans.

The Panama Canal was built to import goods and commodities to many parts of the world. It shortens the route and helps to reduce the cost of transportation between the two oceans. However, it saves almost 8,000 miles on a trip from New York to San Francisco.

About 13,500 ships transit the canal each year, i.e. almost 40 ships a day. Moreover, Panama Canal is a story of innovation, magnificent planning, hard work, and dedication.

Let’s see how Panama Canal was built:

The Panama Canal is an unmatchable engineering grand master-piece. It has six locks, three near either end. This engineering accomplishment was done under the guidance of American visionaries. Charles I of Spain made the first survey for the route. In addition, the construction of the Panama Canal is grand and admirable.

Capital Investment & Completion:

United States acquired the Panama Canal rights and properties for $40 million from the French Canal Company and began the construction of the canal. United States has invested around $3 billion in the Canal enterprise since the year 1903.

Construction of the canal was started in the year 1880 and it took twenty years for the French and American laborers to complete the construction.

The Panama Canal consists of some artificial lakes and channels. It is the most complex project of its kind. During the construction time, the canal had been an issue of dispute between American and Panamanian government, which was solved later.

Men Behind successful construction of Panama Canal:

John F. Stevens and Col. George W. Goethals are the names behind the successful construction of the canal. They overcame several problems during the construction of the Panama Canal. It allows the vessels to travel easily through Pacific and Antarctic Ocean.

The Panama Canal Commission looks after the operations of the Canal. A bi-national board that has 9 members administers the commission.

Officials of Panama Canal:

A Panamanian worked as the Deputy Officer and a U.S. citizen was made Administrator for the first ten years. Another Panamanian served as an Administrator since 1990.

But the former Panama Canal Company together with the Canal Zone and its government was terminated on October 1, 1979. However, the officials are serving the canal with the standard of excellence.

Panama Canal- American Era History at its Best

French people planned and began excavating a canal in 1882. Ferdinand de Lesseps was the man behind the canal, who moved force behind the effort to build a canal at Panama.

Design changes were made in 1885 and French government added a single lock to the canal. A small valley was cut through Culebra Mountain at Panama, which attributed to diseases Yellow Fever and Malaria and 20,000 deaths. This eventually led to the failure of the French company in 1889.

A new French company was formed in 1894 in an attempt to complete the deal. McKinely, President of the Canal, was prepared to sign a bill to begin construction of the canal. Unfortunately, he was terminated in 190l, before he could sign the bill.

The construction of the Panama Canal began in 1904, and was officially completed in August, 1914. One can understand the construction, locks of the canal by seeing the pictures.

The Panama Canal – A Marvel Beyond Compare

The Panama Canal is a marvel beyond compare as it was constructed with modern-day standards. No doubt, it truly deserves an enduring place as one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World.


Everyone who know the brief history of the Panama Canal feels that it would be great if the story was made into a movie and would be an exciting, and uplifting story of human bravery, triumph, and ingenuity.

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